Monday, June 20, 2005

Boring Class

I think I've chosen the most boring class offered this summer. Nonetheless, it still occupies most of my time and I has kept me from updating. It's a philosophy course with a terribly written textbook that I can't sit down and read for more than five minutes. Some students take courses without reading the text and still manage to do well, but I always read the assigned reading because I hate skimming and scanning. Part of me wants to look for a different book and suggest it to the instructor, but it may translate to the instructor as me being lazy and desiring something easier to read. I won't worry about doing poorly since I can't stand being in class.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Trackerless Torrents Not Working

I've spent the past two days trying to download this roomba video with a trackerless torrent with zero success. After trying another trackerless torrent to see if the problem is just me and getting the same results I've given up trying until there is more documentation on what we should be doing. Has anybody succesfully downloaded anything using a trackerless torrent?

Monday, June 06, 2005

Calm Before the Storm

During the last three weeks I've been enjoying my summer vacation by watching movies, television, and wasting time on the internet as usual. Somebody asked me if I ever got bored doing nothing, but I like lazing around, so I haven't. Too bad it has to end very soon as I will beging summer courses and have to quit messing around. I guess I'll savor the last days of freedom by watching movies until next Monday...

Friday, June 03, 2005


Just when I found a good way to avoid pop-ups advertisers come up with a new way to force me to view their ads. But this new advertising method doesn't bother me as much because I get something good in return. The ultramercial is running on Merriam-Webster now, giving me access to its Unabridged content for free. I had abandoned the dictionary site because too many of the words I looked up were only accessible to paid subscribers. To get a day of access to the subscriber's content all I have to do is watch an ultramercial. Now somebody create an ultramercial blocker ;-).