Friday, May 19, 2006

Taking a Break from WoW (kind of)

I finally reached level 60 last month and am not obsessing over getting experience and trying to keep up with everybody else, so I can relax. Unfortunately our guild is going a little crazy right now, meaning there are tons of unresolved issues and new problems turning up every day. The stress has hit me hard over the last month or so and I've decided to take a little break. After the raid (40 level 58-60 players fighting together) on Saturday, I'm only going to play my two low level characters on rest experience, a.k.a getting double experience from killing a monster than on normal experience. It'll be a break from the leveling frenzy, I can still talk to guild members, and most importantly I won't have to play as much.

I hope to accomplish a lot like getting a new job and taking summer classes at a new college (ran out of classes to take at my current community college). I'm gonna miss questing with my fellow level 60's who I've known for at least six months. Hopefully everything will get straightened out soon so I can come back to a well organized guild. At over 450 characters we need more people to manage us and focus on accomplishing our goals and not stressing over unsolved problems.