Tuesday, December 09, 2003

No China

No more China for me. That's just during winter break though. I've cancelled my winter trip to China for a number of reasons. This just happened to coincide with a debate on Leylop's blog about what foreigners/Americans think about China. It seemed liked people were saying that the media was real negative about China, and consequently people have a negative opinion about China. There was hardly any evidence of the media casting a negative opinion of China, no articles, no specifics, none. A person who doesn't read or watch the news wouldn't know anything about what the media says, so some examples would be helpful.

It was a pretty uninformative debate, and nobody really learned anything. It's hard to say what you want to say, and it's even harder to say it well. After the debate, I figured out who can do this and who can't. When I look up things on google, several blogs show up on in the results.

I'm not going to China because we can't fit it in the schedule. The schedule is made up of time, money, interest, and knowledge. It's not too late to book a flight to China, but we would've liked to have more time The U.S. dollar's tanking, making travel more expensive, and we like to save money. Also, I'm not as interested in going to China as I was before, and my mom probably didn't care as much as I did in the first place. I think she wants to go to Brazil instead. We don't know anything about traveling to China and I don't have time to find out everything I want to, so going unprepared is not smart. I'll get to go some other time.