Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Harry Potter 6 Review

I know it's been close to a month since the Half-Blood Prince came out and many people have read it already, but I still wanted to post my thoughts on it. I liked how the story of the struggle between Voldemort and the forces of good, but was disappointed with everything else. Harry at 16 is no different from Harry at 11. Rowling just adds more situations for Harry to get angry in to make it seem like he's dealing with teenage growing pains even though anybody would be stressed in Harry's position. Yet somehow he figures out how to handle it, like he's done for the previous 5 years. How does he handle it? I haven't found an explanation for that yet. Because he is not maturing, I like Harry less than when he was 11, 12, and 13.

Rowling deviants from her practice of relying on magical descriptions to pad the plot and it shows. She tries to write about romance (primarily snogging sessions) and other emotions, resulting in silly and awkward moments. Many readers were attracted to Rowling's ability to effectively describe her vision of what a magical world was. Harry Potter is not so successful because he's an orphan from Jersey City who gets selected to go to a swanky liberal private school that's threatened by conservatives from Texas. In the Potter series are wizards human? If they aren't then I guess she can get by with whatever emotional depths wizards experience, but as a human being I don't like it.

Since this is the second-to-last book, I'm going to read the 7th as soon as it's published because I am eager to know the conclusion and confirm my suspicions about the ending of the 6th. I believe if the 7th is written the way the Prince was there will be many unhappy readers.