Monday, July 19, 2004

Fundrace 2004

Fundrace 2004 allows you to search for who is contributing to this years political campaigns. The Neighbor search lets you put in your address and see what campaigns your neighbors are contributing to and how much they have given. You can also search for specific people. I did a few searches for some well known people and came up with this:
Mr. William H. Gates, III - $2,000 to George W. Bush

Honorable John Kerry - $25,000 to the Democratic National committee (DNC)

Mr. George HW Bush - $2,000 to George W. Bush

Barbara Streisand - $25,000 to DNC; $2,000 to Kerry; $1,000 to Edwards, Sharpton, Dean, Gephardt, Graham, and Clark

Albert A. Gore - $2,000 to Kerry; $1,000 to Dean

Mr. BooneC. Pickens - $25,000 to the Republican National Committee; $2,000 to Bush
After putting in a few zip codes you can see that many businesses (especially large ones) contribute to the Bush campaign or the RNC. They know who to support to get their tax cuts.

Another feature of the site is a national map of what regions contribute to the Democrats and to the Republicans.

You can also see what Kerry and Bush spend on hotels and airlines. Truly U.S. campaigning requires some serious funds. Most of our presidents are rich white men from the East coast.