Wednesday, July 14, 2004


While I was searching for books on I noticed a new feature called Plog. I clicked on the "What is a Plog" link for the description and got this:
The Plog™ Service is a personalized blog. A blog is a straightforward and now widely adopted method of posting a reverse chronological diary on the Internet... Your Plog is a diary of events that will enhance your shopping experience, helping you discover products that have just been released, track changes to your orders, and many other things. Just like a blog, your Plog is sorted in reverse chronological order. When we think we have something interesting or important to tell you, we'll post it to your Plog.
At first I thought how could a personalized blog be any different from what I have right here? But this Amazon Plog is just a creative way to lighten your wallet, based on what you have purchased in the past. It's just a blog of reviews, written by Amazon staff, of products that they think you will like. It's not that I'm against product reviews or something/someone suggesting what I might like, it's the so-called blogging aspect of this. Instead of having someone from the company write blog entries (which are actually just directly copied from the products' review sections) why not have customers write the Plog entries? The staff can just pick a couple of the least offensive posts for each product. But I guess letting customers write product reviews is plenty for the company.

Blogging is supposed to give anybody a chance to post content to the internet, but Plogging is the opposite. The service is still in beta though, so there's still some hope for it.