Sunday, August 22, 2004

Back Home, Back to Work

St. Joseph's Oratory in Montreal Posted by Hello

I''m back from Montreal and feeling somewhat satisfied with the place. It didn't have as many people as I had expected, and they went to bed by a certain time unlike New York, but overall I enjoyed being there. Safe and clean unlike many big cities, it does have what is necessary and then some. There's something for everybody, including myself, with plenty of sites to see and food to eat. I had no clue about the presence of French, but we only met one person who didn't speak English. Most people could smoothly convert to English, many without the slightest hint of an accent. I guess everybody working there could speak French, however, two guys at an ice cream shop had American accents that made it hard for me to believe they could switch to French like everybody else.

Overall I had a pretty good time because there was plenty to see like St. Joseph's Oratory, the Olympic Park and Biodome, and Notre Dame. Six days is not long to see much, and I did spend three sleeping, but I saw plenty and would like to go back some day. I learned you don't need to travel far to see nice things.

Tomorrow classes start and I'm not ready for anything since I have no supplies. Taking things as they come will be my motto for tomorrow since there's not much I can do now. What will this year bring? Will I get lazy and neglect studying like most students? Will I find a permanent school by the semester's end? Right now, to me, these are the most unimportant questions in the world so I'll forget about them until they're answered.