Tuesday, August 10, 2004

End-of-Summer Lag

Over the past few weeks I've been uninspired to write much of anything. It could be that I've been too lazy, but I haven't felt compelled to login and start writing. Every other day I'd post some information about a website or article I read, but nothing with any weight. I'm not the only one though, some other writers have taken a break from blogging to do anything but.

Perhaps we're trying to hold on to what's left of summer. Usually weekends are slow blog days, but now it seems like every day is like that. The blogosphere is stuck in some kind of funk and there's little telling when it will get out. Probably when the school year starts and people get back from their vacations.

When classes start up for me, the first week is accompanied by an absence of writing of any kind. It takes me about that long to adjust into my new schedule after a few months of not doing anything productive. Before classes do start I still have one more trip to make. I'm going to Montreal for five days with my family and I can almost guarantee that I won't be writing from there.

When will the lag go away?