Saturday, May 21, 2005

Still Waiting for Tiger

Like many Mac users I was anticipating Apple's release of Tiger many months before any official details were revealed. Panther fixed a ton of bugs I had with Jaguar and added many minor tweaks that made my computer faster and easier to use, so I was hoping that Tiger would be even better for my machine. However, when Tiger was released and the 200 new features were published I was a bit disappointed. The only new feature I really liked was Dashboard, but it alone wasn't worth 55 bucks.

Another concern I had was that my four-year-old iBook couldn't handle another operating system. It has 8 gigs left, suffers from the spinning beach ball of death constantly in Safari, and only has a 600mhz processor. I want it to last much longer, but it may fall apart in two years. Putting Tiger on this computer is probably a bad idea. Maybe I should just delete some things and get an external harddrive.