Wednesday, July 30, 2003

I'm back from a short vacation out of town now and will continue blogging. I would've posted something while I was gone but the internet connection there was too slow. I've experimented with a bunch of different things to customize my blog so I may change it to an actual blog instead of just a practice one. I pretty much know all the basics now i.e. links and stuff so I doubt I'll make any major changes unless I talk to somebody who could help me. However, I think I might get some more info on blogging just in case I'm missing out on something essential. One major realization I've made is that there's no way that this blog is going to summarize news articles on all the major events of the world. After reading a few good blogs that do that I've deemed it virtually impossible to do the same. Oh well, I know I can make it interesting and possibly useful somehow. :-)