Friday, August 01, 2003

It's the last month of summer and school's gonna start at the end of it. :-( I still haven't gone anywhere for vacation besides my aunt's for 2 days and I doubt that we'll be going anywhere else. Most of the news is filled with stuff on the war in Iraq, Microsoft security flaws, and the poor economy. There's no real point in posting any information on that stuff since it's pretty boring anyways. I try to look for stuff that's good but it's all pretty depressing. The major news sources tend to cover up a lot of things anyways; whatever happened to all the stuff on Afghanistan anyways? Maybe when school starts the news will be more interesting or I'll find better news sources. Besides looking for interesting news I'm also looking for good books to read, computer games to play, and other ways to spend the rest of my summer. It goes by too fast, 2.75 months is not long enough. However, my summer started in mid-May, it still seems pretty short to me. When school starts back up I think that I'll work somewhere too, but I'm not sure if that's the best idea yet. I'm going to apply to two places tomorrow and will be ready to start work immediately but spending the rest of the summer days working doesn't seem very fun. Oh well, maybe I'll find something really interesting to do before my time runs out. ;-)