Saturday, August 02, 2003

Better Eyesight Without Glasses

After the unfortunate destruction of my glasses I've been forced to find other alternatives in order to see better. I tryed eyedrops to ease the pain, closing my eyes for a few seconds, and looking away from the computer screen every once in awhile. Despite my efforts my eyes continued to hurt for a few more days, but they got used to seeing on their own. I decided that I would not get my glasses fixed and instead try to improve them on my own. This was an idea I had ever since reading a short story where a man moved to a new location and after a while he didn't need to use his glasses anymore. So after a few online searches I discovered the late William H. Bates. His techniques for improving vision have been tried and tested and I decided that I would borrow his book from the library and see for myself. Some people have called Mr. Bates a fraud but I didn't inherit that idea because I really wanted to see better. I'm only in 50 or 60 pages but I have already seen some improvements in my vision that his book has explained. Hopefully I'll have 20/20 vision by the time i'm done reading. Anybody who is tired of wearing glasses/contact lenses and doesn't want to undergo dangerous surgery should read Mr. Bates' book.