Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Summer DIY Project: Finish the Deck

Due to the recent change in the weather in my neck of the woods it's time to finish painting the deck. To some this would appear to be a simple task that anybody could do. For the rest of us this is not an easy task. I am not used to doing any strenuous work at all but felt it was my duty since I complained about the deck looking bad. Also, nobody else seemed too enthusiastic about actually doing the work either. I guess this has something to do with not growing up in a DIY family. Some people just love to work on handy personish stuff any chance they can get. It's one thing to want something done, it's another do actually do it. I'd rather spend my summers traveling, reading, and lounging than do any kind of DIY. However, it's fun to watch others work on stuff like that. I enjoy watching HGTV(Home and Garden Television) and seeing people do various home improvement projects, but I never would actually do any of that stuff myself. That's what professionals are for, they need to make money too.
If you're suddenly inspired to paint something visit Behr Paints and go nuts.