Tuesday, August 19, 2003

More Cindy

Cindy just got her medication on Monday and so far everything's fine. It's a topical cream that is rubbed in her ears twice a day; once in the morning in one ear, and once in the evening in the other.

This week is my last week of freedom and time is running out. Classes start on Monday and I am not anticipating any of them. Year after year it's the same thing, late August rolls around and summer comes to a close in the blink of an eye. I should be used to this by now, but I don't think anybody ever really gets in the habit of accepting this terrible fate. My days are numbered now, freedom's coming to an end. To make matters worse my mom's going to be leaving for a year to teach in another state. My dad and I have never had to fend for ourselves for more than a week and we won't know what to do with ourselves. Who's gonna make dinner, fill the refridgerator, clean the house, help with homework, take the cat to the vet, pay the bills,etc. I can guarantee that in less than a month the house will be in chaos. Hopefully, mom will visit to straighten us all out. Still, while she is gone we will have to adopt some of these tasks ourselves, or not. The only things that I have prepared for is cooking meals, but I stopped doing that a month or two ago. My dad will have to pay the bills, but he's not good and keeping the checkbook balance up to date, so I suggested online bill payment. He's really into Yahoo!'s services so he might try to use Yahoo! Bill Pay. We're going to need a lot of help so if anyone wants to do just that please feel free to offer your services. If all goes as planned we will have hired a maid by late October.