Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Wood is Porous

Today's the second day of painting the deck and we've discovered that wood is porous. More porous than we originally thought. This means we'll have to paint two coats on the top part (spindles), in addition to going over the spillage that occured on the bottom. We would have painted the top first, but we didn't know exactly what colors we were going to use. After painting is finished we have to seal the wood, then the project will be over! So, I think we'll be done by Saturday. If we don't finish soon the project will never get done because we can only paint the deck when the weather allows us to. It takes about three days for the wood to dry after it rains, then about 72 hours for the paint to dry, so that's another two days without rain. If it was up to me a professional would have been called. :-(