Thursday, August 07, 2003


I'm going to Chicago tomorrow! We're going to spend the day there at a computer store and shopping for new school clothes. I haven't gotten new clothes in 3 years so it's definately time for something different. I am so sad that summer's almost over. Oh well, Chicago should be fun. I'm hoping that new clothes will inspire me to avoid idleness of the mind. On the Montel Williams' show I witnessed what an idle mind can lead to. I didn't even know people like that existed, people who just didn't want to do anything. Like what the people who post on the Yahoo! Message boards say, this is Bush's fault. However, I believe it's his fault for not helping change some of the unproductive parts of American society. Too bad it seems like he is an unproductive part of society. Uh Oh! I might be blacklisted for saying something bad about the president! I won't be flying on a plane very much so I don't need to worry about airport security arresting me. Link courtesy I think that a president should meet at least two requirements: that s/he is a smart person able enough to lead a country (preferable this one), and that s/he makes an effort to do something to help the country. We're in a real big mess now so I guess we should be looking for someone to clean it up.

Don't Walk

If you don't live in a city with good public transportation, avoid walking at all costs. You never know when you're going to pass out need a lift. Also, avoid walking if you live in a small city and it's getting dark. Always where shoes that you don't mind taking wear and tear. This translates into shoes that won't cause wear and tear on your feet.