Saturday, August 09, 2003

Back Home

It's always nice to be back home from any kind of trip, even if you're not there for very long. Chicago was nice, but I was tired for most of the trip, probably a result of not getting enough sleep the previous night. We went to the Apple store and used the iSight, played Harry Potter 2 and Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and listened to part of a demonstration. Unfortunately the G5 was not there so we didn't get to test that out. As far as shopping goes, I only got a pair of jeans and shoes; we can get the rest of my school clothes at home. I never really liked shopping since I want to buy everything I see but can't, am unable to walk for long periods of time, and don't like spending money. Luckily Chicago is much more than just stores so I enjoyed it a lot. Don't have any photographs, i hate carrying things even if it is a small digi cam. Besides, I didn't want to look too much like a tourist. My little trip is over now, time to be lazy again.