Friday, August 29, 2003

One Week Down, 15 More to Go

I can't believe that I haven't updated this since Monday! I kept telling myself each night that I would update the next day, and I just never got around to it. Anyways, tonight is Friday so I have more time to complete my homework than any of the other weeknights. Well, school's not so bad anymore; I still don't like it but it's tolerable. I am trying to think positive thoughs, but I don't think they're helping me much. It'll all go by faster if I think positive, but it's so temping to figure out what classes I'll take next semester to make school more enjoyable. As long as I stay in school I'll be fine. One of my teachers said that the hallways will be half as crowded two weeks from now because people will realize that they'll have to do some work. I knew that I would have work to do, but I wasn't sure as to what kind of work it was. Reading seems to be what I'll be spending a lot of time on. Also, I'll have to study for math more intensely; it's important to fully understand the concepts. I haven't burned out yet, but if I stop blogging then you'll know something's up. Being able to see now that I have new glasses really improves the atmosphere too. After two days of not being able to see the board I decided it was time to do something about it. My sleeping paterns have also improved too. I am able to get to sleep in one hour, instead of three or four. Ten hours of sleep a night is my new goal. I have to start some of my homework now since I've frittered the day away relaxing.