Monday, September 01, 2003

Writer's Block

Is that fair to say when I can compose this entry? Sort of, since I can just say whatever I want here and not worry about being graded. The writing that will be graded is due on Wednesday, but I want to get most of it done. Budgeting my time has become important even though I don't have a job or many household responsibilities. I want to have more free time, and it's good to know how to organize so you can be prepared. So, it's not that late now and I don't have any other homework to finish. If mom were here I'd ask her, but she's not, so the next best thing is dad. Since he's my only option at this time I'm better off doing this on my own. Writing about writing is easier than doing the writing itself. Does that make sense? When I'm not doing my homework I'm trying to figure out what do cook. I finally went shopping and did okay without a proper list, except for mistaking processed cheese as real cheese. I'll come up with a better list when I have all that free time I'm organizing. Today a neighbor was nice enough to cook us dinner so I didn't have to worry about making something. More free time for me, but it's running out as I compose this entry. Right now I need a cure for writer's block. This ailment is probably due to reading material on how to write correctly, and consequently I understood this as not writing at all to avoid making any mistakes. No words, no essay. Better start writing.