Saturday, September 27, 2003


I'm on the computer a lot and occasionally I experience joint pain. If I rest my wrists on the keyboard or don't sit up straight for extended periods of time I get real soar. To alleviate these pains I've tried some workstation exercises. So far they've helped and now there's no reason to sue your company for carpal tunnel syndrome. Link courtesy Leo Laporte.

Digital Video Recorder

TV is a necessary part of my life. I have to see my programs! However, thanks to modern technology I can record them and watch them later. All I would have to do is find a blank cassette tape, program the VCR, and make sure nobody else messes with it. If I do it right, then I'll be able to see my programs when it's more convenient to. Unfortunately, possibility of human error is high and any small mistake would cause me to miss my show anyways. In comes digital technology: The Digital Video Recorder (DVR). We have digital cable, so why not have a recording mechanism that best suits it? What's the best brand? What kind of features should I be looking for? Do any of them use WiFi? What media do you use to show your programs on other TV's or at somebody else's house? As soon as my dad finds out about DVRs he'll want one too, so I want to get the right one.


I've had a ton of work to do lately, so I haven't been able to update as frequently as I like. Next week I think I'll have more time but school projects come up all the time. I guess I could just have short posts but I don't really like doing that. We'll see how things go.

Research Project

My research project for English is immigration to the U.S. from China. I'm not sure what I'm going to say about this subject so feel free to give me some suggestions. It's not due until December, so I'll worry about it in late November.