Tuesday, September 02, 2003

It's Nice to be Finished

Finally finished with my essay, I can write without having to worry about being graded. I put the work off, not to the last minute, but to the last day. It was just a short essay, so waiting didn't hurt the quality of the work too much. Most of the day I was tired because of the holiday weekend and having to readjust to my schedule. School should only be 4 days a week, but I couldn't work that out, so this was a nice treat. At home we're getting used to getting along without mom, I think i'm gonna cook a made-from-scratch meal: spaghetti. It's pretty simple, except for having to make the sauce, and it'll last us for a few days. I may try enchaladas using a mix next time. Better save up my energy for all this cooking, it's just more work for me.