Saturday, September 13, 2003


Question of the night: Why does the price of other goods create a change in supply? I don't understand how that works, even after reading my "Oh this book is easy" textbook. We didn't even cover that factor in class. Maybe my teacher forgot to mention it, or we just don't have to learn that one. I could've forgot to take down that during the lecture, but I don't remember hearing a scenario where that was the case. We went over cost of production, technological advance, and competition (a change in the number of suppliers). The book is in one world of thought, and the instructor's in another. What's a student to do? At least there's a course website, that has been visited 55 times (I was there twice) since September 23, 2002. I think that all students who went to the website did very well. These may have been the students who actually took notes in class too. The 35 other students in my class probably have real good memories, so they don't need to take any notes, while the 10 of us have to take dictation.

Internet Savvy Instructors

It's pretty cool when a teacher has a website, a course related website. Students care as much about teachers' personal lives as teachers about students'. However, I don't feel I can say, "Oh, I didn't know how to do it," because the teacher will probably say, "Well, if you checked my site...". Besides, sifting through loads of info turns me off from the site since I guess I value the information on the GDP/GNP less than how to set up a LAN.


Blogging has become another form of stalling from homework. I should be reading my moron-friendly econ text, but I'm an internet junkie. That in addition to a TV, movie, and novel junkie. With all the stalling I do, I should at least be getting more stuff done.
I have not even picked up my latest library checkouts, more on that later. Nor have I had time to watch Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, the DVD rental, (I have had 2/3 of it on the computer for three months now. I don't like to watch movies on my mom's desktop, I'd rather watch a DVD on the iBook. Tomorrow's another day, one that I will just waste away sleeping, watching "necessary" TV, and hopefully LOTR: T3. Only about 13 more pages to go, I can finish it before bed.