Sunday, September 21, 2003

Don't Get Upset

I'm not against A.A. or religion! It was just my observation that A.A. can substitute as a religion because of the emphasis on a God/Higher Power. I'm not saying that people who go to A.A. are going completely against their organized/cult/belief system religion. In A.A. people may use the Christian/Muslim/Jewish God as their higher power, or another God, or they make one up. For example, at one meeting there was a guy who said God for him was Good Orderly Direction. A.A.'s great for tons of people, but it doesn't work for everyone. I have friends who love going to meetings, while others just don't get help from it. I'd like to know what the other alternatives to A.A. are besides church groups. Also, since I tend to be very let's think about other countries, cultures, and ethnic groups, I want to know more about treatment outside the U.S.


The whole disease thing is another issue. I've heard people say it's a disease, and I've heard other wise. I don't really have an opinion on whether it is or not because I'm not a doctor or an alcoholic. What counts is whether it's controlled if one has a problem, and just preventing it all together which make things easier. Which is better? Prevention or treatment? I'll go with prevention. Somebody's got to deal with cause right? That sounds like a good research paper topic: The Prevention of substance Abuse (in America?)