Friday, August 15, 2003

Sick Cat

My cat Cindy has been diagnosed with Feline Hyperthyroid Disease. This means she'll have to take medication everyday until she's better. We hope that this will work because the other treatments are admininstered by a vet and include surgery and radioactivity. Cindy is 11 years old and has been throwing up and losing weight rapidly. We're glad that we found out what the problem was before it got worse. Cin will have to visit the vet again in about two weeks to check up on her condition. To Cindy this is about as pleasant as being sentenced to death; she just doesn't like to leave the house. Oh well, maybe she'll get used to it and realize that it's all for the best.

No More Painting?

I think we are done painting the deck, but we still have to seal it. The project's not over, but the color is on. All that's left to do is touch-ups. Today's been hotter than usual, about 88 degrees F, so we started later in the day. Unfortunately, the bugs were out and we started to rush to get done so it may look a little sloppy. I think that I'm finished with the deck because I have a small migrane above the left brow that might be a result of the project. Yet another reason to leave DIY to the professionals.