Monday, August 25, 2003

Didn't Like It

First day of school today didn't go very well. It's not that it went bad, I just didn't like any of my classes. Maybe I expected too much, but to me it all seems pretty dull and boring. I'm not sure if I can finish out the semester if things continue to go this way, but I do want to finish. Hopefully, I'll find solace in the internet and blog. So far this blog is turning out to be a journal and I don't think that that's really fun at all. Putting more links in could make it more exciting, but I hate doing it on a Mac. Blogger decided for some reason that they would include less features on the Mac than for the PC. They'll learn some day; maybe if I wrote a letter they'd change things. Anyways I am so tired right now I just want to keel over. The only thing that'll get me through the day tomorrow is the fact that I have another knew class, and there's only two to suffer through. Being near sighted w/o glasses makes school a pain too. I want to take this as a sign that I shouldn't be in school. Need sleep now. -_-