Friday, August 22, 2003

Home Alone

My dad and I are home alone now. So far everything has been smooth, but I can see signs that things are going to be real messy in the house. We have paid our first bill and it will go in the mail tomorrow, however my dad has decided to store the bill in his own container: a paper bag. So far there are two paper bags; one for mom's mail and the other for the bills. There will be more paper bags and things will get lost. To counteract this I have started to clean up my junk from the family room before school starts. It will just get junky again with my new stuff, but at least things won't get mixed up. We're having issues with applying the cat medication, too. This medicine needs to be rubbed on to Cindy's ear twice a day. I don't wake up in the morning when the first dose must be administered so dad will have to do it. He's very heavy handed and never touches the cat. I'll trim Cindy's nails so he doesn't get deep scratches. There really isn't any food in the refridgerator so I think we'll go shopping on Sunday. Things are already really different and it's only been one day.

Last Minute School Prep

I never realized how much I'd have to do to get ready for school. Even though I started getting ready a month ago and told myself that I wouldn't leave things to the last minute, other things popped up and I have to scramble to complete them. In addition to cleaning the family room and getting food, I still need to put together/prepare all my new school things! As far as health goes I think I'm fine only I can't see very well without glasses. I was too lazy to do the eye exercises/read the book, so my eyes are pretty weak. Sitting in the front of class should help, but I might not get a seat there. Hopefully by Sunday night I'll be ready to go.