Wednesday, March 03, 2004

New Nickels

In the U.S. we're getting new nickels for the first time in 60 odd years. They're still going to have Thomas Jefferson on one side, but instead of Monticello (his home) there's going to be something commemorating Lewis and Clark, and another one about alliances/peace with Indian tribes (the U.S. broke every single peace treaty it had with the Indians). They won't be minting these coins for long though, the Monticello people want their free advertising back. I have a feeling they won't suffer too much while the new coins are in circulation.

I think that if they're going to redesign a coin, the Mint should redo the penny. The penny is the most boring coin because it's so little and dark. It's gets dirty and forgotten real easily. I don't even think the Mint likes the way the penny looks. But they probably don't regard the penny as an important unit, so they ignore it. The quarter is the most prestigious coin for the mint. It's getting 50 new designs, a design for each state, so the Mint is very proud of the quarter. Too bad the penny can't get that kind of attention. If so it would look a whole lot better.