Thursday, March 25, 2004

Typepad Blocked in China

Typepad blogs have been blocked in China. In the last few weeks the Chinese government has been cracking down on sites that host weblogs. Both Blogbus and Blogcn were shut down, but then unblocked. Glutter has been covering the blockage and has a list of blogs doing the same thing.

What may upset people most about this blockage, is that Typepad is not a free service. Imagine paying for an internet host, uploading your website on it, and then the government blocking your access from that site. People get really angry about these things, so I don't know how long it'll last. People (including myself) become so attached to the internet that they become disoriented, lost, and confused when it is taken away from them. When we were having problems with our internet access, we were upset and disgusted that we couldn't use a service that we paid for, and that we couldn't tap into another part of our lives. These feelings are probably the same, if not worse, for being banned from your own site and the sites of thousands of others.

I hope that the Chinese government realizes this grave mistake and unblocks Typepad blogs.