Monday, March 08, 2004

Pot Calling the Kettle Black

The campaign ads of George W. Bush suggest that Democratic front runner John Kerry is a 'rich liberal elitist'. See, if Kerry was a rich conservative elitist like Bush, it would be okay. What's wrong with Kerry? How could he be so out of touch with American citizens.
In the style of a popular MasterCard advertising campaign, the ad lists the Massachusetts senator's expenses -- including a "42-foot luxury yacht" and beachfront estates worth "over $30 million" -- before calling his alleged claim that he is one of the people "priceless."
. Bush is probably overwhelmed by hearing about such wealth and luxury. He knows nothing about living on vast estates, going to elite schools (just for being an elite person), having millions of dollars, etc. Bush is a down to earth man who understands the value of hard work, or any work for that matter, regardless of who his friends are. That is why all of America sympathizes with Bush and is willing to give him money for his campaign.
At two campaign stops Monday in his home state of Texas, Bush will add another $3 million to his already unprecedented war chest, the Bush-Cheney campaign said.

As of January 31 -- the last date that figures were available -- Bush had $104 million in his campaign's treasury. He raised millions more throughout February, and recently launched a $10 million TV advertising campaign.
America needs to support common people like Bush and his administration.