Sunday, October 03, 2004

Filling Out College Applications

Last week I finished filling out two college applications the day before the deadline. I'm hoping to transfer to a new college for the spring semester, so I'm going to fill out (at least) two more applications before the beginning of next month. Some require more time than others and I tried picking schools that didn't require essays or recommendations (lazy) since I waited to the last minute to do this.

I filled both applications out online. I had to sign up for an account for each college, which I loathe, but there were only a few hours before the deadline. It turned out to be easier than expected and I was relieved afterwards. The next application I'll fill out online too, but not the last one.

I'm not smart or well-connected enough to go to an Ivy League school and California and New York city are out, but I'm determined to have a good time wherever I do go.