Monday, October 04, 2004

Snl Resources

I don't watch Saturday Night Live, but I heard a rumor that Ben Affleck, last week's host, was a half-way decent actor so I tuned in half-way through the show. The sketches I saw were okay, but not good enough for me to watch the show ever again. There was one that caught my attention since the words Bourne Supremacy were uttered by Ben during a Tina Fey news desk segment. What was that sketch? Where do I read the transcript? Some googling led me to Snl Transcripts, but it wasn't there. Today I found a great collection of Snl links called Snl Headquarters and in it a site dedicated to Weekend Update, the Tina Fey sketch. They happened to have the entire transcript of Ben poking fun a Matt Damon, in addition to a video sparing me from hunting down a full episode torrent.

Yay, the Internet does something wonderful yet again. Why can't we have the Internet run our country?