Monday, October 27, 2003

New Microsoft Operating System

Bill Gates is previewing the new Microsoft OS to software developers. This way nobody will have to worry about software not being compatible when they run out and buy Longhorn. Longhorn won't be out until 2006 because they have to copy the features that are in Panther. Microsoft software runs on 90% of the world's desktop computers and Gates needs to make sure that that number stays the same or increases.

Also, since Gates' personal wealth has been declining, I think we need to start some kind of fund to help him out. How much would each American have to contribute so that he has $100 billion again?

I still think that I'll be buying to new operating system, unless more software (games) is made for the Mac. Windows Media Center looks tempting too, so I may buy one of those PCs when the one I have now dies. Apple may come out with it's own media center-type OS though, and it may be better than the Windows version because Apple's good with a/v stuff.