Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Presidential Blog

When I first clicked on a link to George W. Bush's blog I thought it was a joke. However, the site looked legitimate (lots of money was put into it), and the news reports confirmed it. If only he actually wrote each entry, it would probably sound a lot like his poetry.

No Updates

"Survey says, only 50,000 blogs are updated daily and most bloggers give up within one year. Perseus Development Corp. randomly surveyed 3,634 of the estimated 4.12 million blogs online and found that two-thirds hadn't been updated in over two months. Over one million blogs only contained a single day's posts. Active blogs were updated on average every 14 days. Only 106,579 of the hosted blogs were updated on average at least once a week. Fewer than 50,000 were updated daily. There's lots more in the report - it's interesting reading. QOTD: When's the last time you updated your blog." Courtesy Leoville.