Friday, January 02, 2004

Bad Apples

So there may be a lawsuit against Apple over the ipod and the ibook. I own both these products (own, meaning use them solely) and have had similar problems with both.
"Most of the complaints pertain to a particular iBook model with dual USB ports, and many users say the problems started to show up just after the computer came out of warranty."
This is the model I have; the problem is the combo drive won't stay closed when there's no disc in. The only way I can keep it closed is by keeping a disc inside, or pulling the drive all the way out, then tipping the whole laptop on it's left side, and finally letting go of the drive so gravity pulls it down. It's kind of annoying, and there doesn't seem like much I can do about it.

Meanwhile, a video making the rounds of the Internet shows a man spray-painting the message "IPod's unreplaceable battery lasts only 18 months" on iPod posters.

The filmmaker, Casey Neistat, said in a note on his Web site,, that he decided to make the film after his unit essentially died in September and he was told the battery could not be replaced.

Apple offers a $99 battery replacement service.

I've had the ipod battery problem also. My ipod is the first generation model (5 gigs), and it had several issues with the battery. I would charge it fully, play it for a little while, and a week later the battery would be drained. An update fixed this problem, but the battery doesn't last as long as it should. Maybe the lawsuit will help ibook and ipod owners.