Saturday, January 10, 2004


This is our whirlpool tub. It's completely different than a Japanese bath, but similar in size. The water goes up to your shoulders and is big enough for two people. It's like a combination bath tub and hot tub. There are a few jets to massage you, but you enter the tub dirty to get clean, not clean to relax/soak. The Japanese may take baths daily, but Americans are not bath people. I rarely take baths; I'm a complete shower person. We don't use the whirlpool much either. Before I took this picture I had my dad take out all the items in it, because it's used for storage rather than bathing.

When I was really young I took baths everyday. I was afraid of the shower and always wound up with soap in my eyes. The shower was evil because it spat hot water in my face and got my hair wet (I washed my hair separately). The bath was fun because I could just soak in it and play with all my bath toys. I had a shark, a ninja turtle, and several other toys. How could I have fun in the shower without the toys? I loved the bath.

Now, I can't imagine taking a bath. I need to quickly get clean and dry, not stewing in dirty water. The shower still leaves me relaxed and clean afterwards, why go back to taking baths?

In case I confused anyone, I didn't say that the Japanese go in the bath tub dirty to get clean. I meant that we do that with our whirlpool. The link describes Japanese bathing, so I didn't have to.