Tuesday, January 06, 2004

The Children Who Won't Grow Up

Young people today do not want to grow up. Recent college graduates living at home, adult versions of Harry Potter, and Hello Kitty cigarette cases. My friends and I don't want to grow up either. We play computer games like The Sims, watch Lord of the Rings, and enjoy anime to various degrees. In Frank Furedi's article, he talk's about how so many young people want to be children forever.
In Japan, where this trend is most developed, the affluence of single stay-at-home 20- to 34-year-olds is frequently commented upon. It is widely recognised that the recent boom in the sales of luxury goods has been fuelled by the conspicuous consumption of the parasite singles, many of whom live at home. In 2000, the Washington Post reported on 26-year-old Miki Takasu, who drives a BMW and carries a $2,800 Chanel handbag, which she alternates with her Gucci. And of course she lives at home with her parents (9).
Personally, I don't find this kind of life to be so bad. Spending most of my income on clothes, electronics, and accessories sounds nice, right? Well it is, but I doubt my mom would be too happy about it. So if I move out of the house, I'll be more grown up, more mature. Wrong, I'll still be into kids stuff, I'll still be a kidult, but with less money. Here's to being a kid forever.