Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Thank You

Today I packaged a book that I sold on Half. As I was cutting apart a paper grocery bag, I noticed two messages on the very bottom: "Made With Pride By R. Hernandez" and "Made With Pride By A. Gonzalez." I never paid much attention to paper bags before, especially plain brown ones from the grocery store. Most of the time, they have something written on them like "Recycle Me and get 5 Cents," or an endorsement to join Girl Scouts.

I had always assumed that these bags were made by giant industrial machines, but this is not true. R. Hernandez and A. Gonzalez have made my paper bags with pride. I didn't realize that pride as well as paper went into the production of paper bags. The bags were made by Duro Bag, R. Hernandez and A. Gonzalez's employer. I want to thank R. Hernandez, A. Gonzalez, and Duro Bag for making my brown paper bags.