Thursday, April 08, 2004

Don't Do It!! Let Them Go

Iraqi insurgents are threatening to burn civilian hostages alive unless Japan withdraws troops from Iraq.
"Armed with assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades, the kidnappers shouted "Allahu akbar"-- God is great -- in the video and held knives to the throats of the Japanese, who screamed and whimpered in terror."
"The events suggested a new tactic by insurgents to pressure the governments of Washington's allies in Iraq, and posed dire implications for U.N. workers, journalists, religious groups, security personnel and other civilians doing business here."

After what happened last week to the 4 American contractors, and the events that followed it doesn't make sense why these insurgents are doing this. When a few Americans (or other coalition members) get killed, many many more Iraqis (both civilians and insurgents) are killed later. The U.S. has proven that it can and will meet these attacks with powerful assaults, so why do these people continue to do this? They must not care about their own citizens lives, just getting rid of occupational forces.