Tuesday, May 11, 2004

It Works!!!

Finally, I got the T68i to work. After learning that the phone wouldn't work with Cingular, I decided to try something else. We took it to the AT&T and the guy there said that he needed the unlock code to make the phone work. Unlock code, what's that? The phone is already unlocked, what is the unlock code for? After doing some research online I found out why the AT&T guy wanted the code. He wanted to lock the phone so it couldn't be used with any other service. I was disappointed to hear about this and felt that the cell phone companies were trying to control people.

Then we decided to try something else. We bought an AT&T Go Phone, the cheapest plan, a basic phone. The same guy said that if we wanted to use a different phone, we could just take out the SIM card and put it in another phone. Is that not what we were trying to do a few hours ago? Maybe he just didn't understand fully or maybe he did, since we ended up buying a phone from AT&T even though I already had one. Once again, the phone companies are trying to control people.

I'm glad that my new phone works. After going to so much trouble to get it it's good to see that my efforts and others' were not futile. However, now my family got brand new phones...