Saturday, May 15, 2004

Send Me Money Please

Twenty-nine-year-old Karyn Bosnak was in deep trouble. She moved to New York City from Chicago and spent and spent. Hair salons, manicures, designer handbags, clothes, and of course shoes. She charged all of these items to her credit cards and made the minimum payments on them. It was a recipe for disaster. Soon she was $20,000 in debt and had lost her job. What did she do? She set up a simple website and asked people to make her donations so she could pay off her debt. If 20,000 people gave her $1, she'd be set. It was worth a try and it eventually worked! Now she's written a book about her experiences and probably rich now. How cool is that? Link via the BBC.

I was thinking about becoming an Amazon affiliate to generate a little commission for this site so I could pay for a hosting service. Rebecca Blood and Fuyuko Takegawa have that on their websites; Fuyuko even has paypal donation system also. I don't think it would work if I tried it, but who knows? All kinds of people are on the internet and if they see something they like they'll pay. A lot of professional bloggers talk about how blogging is a service to the community (or something like that), and see nothing wrong with making money to support that service or just for themselves.

It's just something I'm pondering now since I realize I may have to pay money to do more with my site. Who knows, maybe I won't have to work if people are willing to give me the kind of cash they gave Karyn.