Friday, December 17, 2004

Chris Webber Never Agreed to "Apprentice" Charity

I'll admit it, I watched the three hour Apprentice season 2 finale yesterday like many others. I was rooting for Kelly because he was a successful project manager three times while Jenn stayed on the sidelines until she was the only one who hadn't lead a team. Most people at Lincoln Center wanted him to win along with fired candidates from both seasons; Trump wasn't going to surprise us and choose Jenn when nobody wanted her.

I did applaud Jenn for finding another person to emcee her event at short notice though. Chris Webber backed out of a charity event at the last moment to go to a meeting instead. Or so it seemed. He claims that he had nothing to do with event and never promised to participate at all. On the show it was a bid deal that he didn't show up and it looked like the whole event would cave in because he wasn't there. The event went off smoothly, but now all those who didn't care about Chris Webber before now dislike him for slighting a charity event. Webber's lawyers are looking into legal action now.