Friday, December 03, 2004

King Tut to Visit U.S.

Well, not him, but all his possessions are coming to America for 27 months.
Showcased in the exhibition are 50 objects found specifically in Tutankhamun's tomb, among them his royal diadem, or crown; the golden, jeweled container holding his mummified organs; an alabaster sculpture of the boy king; a silver trumpet; and a gilded shrine portraying Tutankhamun and his wife. Visitors also can walk through a replica of Tutankhamun's inner burial chamber, which managed to escape looting by grave robbers.

This exhibition is supposed to be bigger than the 1970's one, but will be shorter, stopping in four cities. I'm definitely not going to miss this. Even if you're not into Ancient Egypt, archaeology, or museums you should go to see all the gold and artifacts from a real king's tomb. It's surely worth the $30 (on top of the museum flat fee) to explore a treasury worth $650 million.