Monday, April 18, 2005

Gastineau Girls Blog

Last night I watched seven episodes of Gastineau Girls, a show I'd heard about but never seen. It's about a wealthy mother and daughter who live in New York, don't work, go on vacations, shop, and complain. For some reason it's addictive even though Brittny's lazy and spoiled and Lisa does the spoiling. You have to keep in mind it's a TV show that's fun watching and be glad your life isn't being taped for the entertainment of others. The producer Jerry Kolber has a blog about Gastineau Girls and his other work. He wrote a post about why it's useless to complain about the women and their lifestyle. I can think of a few people who believe if a person doesn't live a certain way he's wasting his life. Anyways, I'm hooked to the show and have found another way to waste my own time yet again.