Thursday, April 14, 2005

Oral Surgery

Two hours ago I had surgery to get my beautiful wisdom teeth removed. The operation was supposed to take place over four years ago, but I didn't think it was necessary then and wanted to keep my wisdom teeth. The teeth grew out and one was causing me pain, so finally I decided to go through with the operation. I refused to be put asleep because I wasn't sure who the doctor would be and I wanted to be awake if they made a mistake. The hardest part was getting the shots because of the sharp pain. I was hoping the doctor would be the thin, young, good looking guy from four years ago, but it was some other guy.

During the surgery I felt uneasy after seeing the length of the needle for the shots, and also when I opened my eyes just in time to see the doctor put the first blood-covered tooth on the tray. I didn't feel pain, just pressure from the pulling. After the surgery I wasn't in the mood to look at the teeth and just wanted to go home.

Now my mouth is really swollen with four bloody gaping holes where my beautiful wisdom teeth used to be. Other than that, I feel good and up for anything except speaking, eating, or drinking. There's blood on shirt because my numb lips couldn't feel the saliva spilling over and I have to take pain killers and use an ice pack for the swelling. This surgery wasn't major, but I hope I'm never in an operating room again for the rest of my life.