Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Panther Issues

If you don't speak German, use Panther, and use Safari v1.1, be careful about a program called Safaqua. It's a Safari skin that gives Safari an Aqua appearance. It's so pretty and I really like it except when I hold the cursor over the browser buttons most of the "tool tips" are in German! So my Safari is bilingual, too! If you install Safaqua, then uninstall it, the German stays. The only way to get rid of the German is to throw away the safari.app and reinstall it. Sounds simple, but it's not. You can't use Safari v1.0 on Panther, so you can only use v1.1 You can't download Safari v1.1 from the Apple website or anywhere else on the web. I can't upload it to the web so you won't find it here. The Panther install disks have Safari v1.1, but it's not easy to get. Use a program to called Pacifist to find the Safari installer on the install disks.

If you don't mind the German, get Safaqua. If a bilingual Safari bothers you, then be wary of installing Safaqua.

Panther Crashes

Panther is crashing and I don't know why. AOL Instant Messenger, iChat, Word, and Safari have crashed. This didn't happen in Jaguar and it's hard to return to the days of frequent application crashes. Safari crashes the most, so maybe using a different browser would help. I'm thinking about a Mozilla browser like Camino(?). As for the rest of the programs, I'm hoping that future Panther releases fix the crashing.