Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Whizzing Blur

I don't know if there is any scientific research that confirms the theory that time increases and decreases speed according to Solar radioactivity, but for me time's flying faster than normal. The simple reason for time going so fast for me is that I'm increasing its speed myself. Every day I look forward to the next two, never stopping to relax and enjoy anything. As a result, time's going by faster than it has before for me. It's like going to Cozumel on the first Saturday of spring break and before you know it it's the last Sunday of break and you have an English essay due Monday, and you're wondering how the time went by so fast. It's not that I'm running out of time or don't have enough time, it's just that it's moving so fast.

I think, "Oh, I can't wait till after Tuesday when I'll be done with my math test," or "I just have to make it through Thursday so I don't have start my journal early." I think these things and hours become minutes, days become hours. I'm 18 going on 35 and my life is going whizzing before my eyes.


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