Monday, February 09, 2004


I can't believe I was able to get all my work done at the last minute without suffering from major brain damage! There's got to be some serious side effects from major procrastination other than not getting work done. Healthwise, it seems like loss of sleep is the most prominent negative effect, but I think loss of brain cells is another.

I had two tests last Friday, one that I crammed for, and the other I didn't study for at all. Part of one tests was a take home essay, which I started at 11 pm Thursday. I was able to finish writing/cramming by 1 am on Friday. I started all this work so late because I was working on silly English for about five hours. I didn't think it would take me long to finish the other half of the work I had completed, but I was wrong and suffered by not getting very much sleep.

My next amazing accomplishment was another essay that I neglected to do research on until 10 the night before it was due. I don't think I'll get as good a grade as I'd like, but I've learned my lesson, and promise I'll start research earlier next time.

I need a plan! I need to schedule work time and leisure time so I can get more sleep. I need to talk to a highly organized person who can help me sort things out. Don't we all? There's probably shrinks who do this for you; I need to find one.