Saturday, February 21, 2004

The Power of War

There's a video that's been circulating the internet for the last few weeks. It shows US forces in Iraq shooting 3 Iraqi insurgents from an Apache helicopter. People say that the Iraqis were just farmers working in their field, but these are just unfounded rumors. I wasn't there, so as far as I'm concerned the US forces were just doing their job.

When I first saw the video, in it's shortened form on Joi's blog, I was pretty moved by how fast the people were destroyed. It was like they had swallowed bombs and were exploding from the inside. Their bodies were completely destroyed; no remains, but particles of flesh and blood. This is what happens in war, whether it's a so-called just war or not. If the war was being fought in the US, I'd be scared 24/7 of what could happen to me, my family, and friends. Maybe that's how the Iraqis feel now, hardly different from how they felt when Saddam was in power. It looks like the sooner we leave Iraq the better. No people should live in this kind of fear.