Sunday, February 22, 2004

Business Blogging

The new trend is business is to blog, really blog. Forget the thousands of personal journals talking about what people had for lunch or why they hate their lives. Serious business people are actually blogging. Business 2.0 talks about business blogs. You have to be a subscriber to read the second part of the article (I was fortunate enough to read it early so I didn't have to), but it basically talks about how blogging helps share information. Anybody not reading blogs and using a newsreader (the author claims it took him hours to set up, but NetNewsWire is so much easier), is out of the loop.

To me this just sounds like a job where you get to spend time blogging. How cool is that? It's like doing a blog for a course in school, instead of just some silly old journal. Right now I should be doing math, but I'd like to think of blogging as promoting school activity, so this is justified.