Thursday, February 26, 2004

The Secrets of Movable Type

If I had my own domain and a place to host my blog, I'd use Movable Type. However, people say it's for more advanced users and beginners should stick to something like Blogger. But everybody says that MT is better. I had no clue who to believe until I found a Movable Type tutorial. It's not a complete walk through of the whole program, but it shows you how to do two important things (it only shows you how to do two things): post an entry and add links. The tutorial has screen shots which any beginner would appreciate.

So the site doesn't spill all the secrets, it at least lets you see what the program looks like. Now I don't feel like the program's too hard to use. Typepad's also supposed to be good because it's all in one at a cheap price. Either way, my mom will be buying the space I'll need.